The Story


She flung the doors open, and the gleaming white three-layered cake rolled in. It was simple yet elegant with every detail meticulously crafted-frosting carefully layered and fondant as smooth as silk. The bride’s face said everything- eyes ready to burst, and a smile that would brighten the night. Yes, this was it. There was nothing more uplifting than making someone smile. 

Jenny awoke from that dream in 2008. Was it just prophesy? No. In that instant, she drove to the nearest craft store and bought a cartful of baking supplies. Thirteen hours later, it was finished. A six inch fondant cake. Not as towering as the one she had dreamt, but it was a start. It was in that moment that Jenny realized the love she had for baking. She had to chase that dream.

Jenny went on to pursue culinary school and received her Baking and Pastry Arts degree at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa in 2012. Along with obtaining her degree, she also worked alongside several professional cake artists such as Christopher Garren’s (who is also a main artist on WE TV’s series “Amazing Wedding Cakes”) and Ashley Bakery located in Charleston, South Carolina. In 2015, Jenny decided it was time to finally turn her dreams into reality and opened up her own cake boutique, IntriCakes, and the rest is history.