Gumpaste sugar peony class

We are currently not offering any cake classes at this time but be sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook to receive the latest news and updates on future cake classes!

Here at IntriCakes, we have been helping students fulfill their potential whether it's in cake or gumpaste designs. We do this by working side-by-side with the students for the most efficient learning. Whether you just want to learn the basics or improve the skills you already have, we can help get you to achieve those goals. 

Jenny - "I never realized how much I loved sharing my passion until this past weekend. Watching my students start from the bottom and work their way up truly made me feel some type of way.  My whole life I always felt shy talking in front of a large group of people but teaching about cakes felt so right and easy. My love for cakes just keeps getting stronger and after seeing the smiles on their faces after completing their flowers have left me wanting to teach more classes.

My goal is to spread awareness to others that cake is truly a work of art. You can’t just throw stuff together and expect greatness. It takes a lot of time, patience and dedication."