Cake Flavors


** Berries and Cream Cake - Moist white cake and fresh berries (seasonal) with our imported Madagascar vanilla bean infused cream.

** Triple Chocolate Cake - Scrumptious chocolate cake with alternating layers of chocolate mousse and decadent chocolate ganache on a bed of toffee bits.

Pina Colada Cake - Rich white cake infused in coconut soak, pineapple bits in pineapple mousse and coconut shreds in coconut mousse

Strawberry Shortcake - Light and airy white cake with fresh whipped cream and fresh strawberries

Carrot Cake - Moist carrot cake with walnuts on a bed of light and airy cream cheese frosting. 

Marble Cake - Moist marble cake with a delicious Oreo and cream mousse.

Lemon Raspberry Cake - Luscious lemon cake infused with a rich lemon soak and alternating layers of lemon and fresh raspberries in raspberry mousse.

** Red Velvet - Rich red velvet cake with a light and airy cream cheese frosting.

Mango Berry Cake - Moist white cake infused with mango soak with layers of fresh mangos in mango mousse and fresh blueberries in blueberry mousse. (Seasonal)

Chocolate Raspberry – Rich chocolate cake infused with dark chocolate soak and alternating layers of raspberry mousse with fresh raspberries and chocolate mousse

Chocolate Peanut Butter – Decadent chocolate cake with creamy peanut butter mousse topped with peanut butter cup crumbles and chocolate ganache (Contains nuts) 

*** Crowd pleasers